History: Where it all started

It’s 1989 and Duncan’s studying in Cheltenham – catering, not ladies. His college organises a trip to Bordeaux and … bingo… Duncan discovers his passion for wine. Fast forward 6 years and Duncan’s been working at Oddbins for a while. It’s a great place to work; Duncan takes (and passes) his Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma, there’s ample opportunity to taste and recommend wine and lots of scope to personalise the shop. This golden era will form part of the blueprint for Duncan Murray Wines.

It’s the start of 1997 and Duncan has met Megan (a fellow wine enthusiast). The couple decide it’s time to pursue their dream of living in France and so on Valentine’s Day they pack their little red Renault 5 and head off to Montpellier. Duncan starts working in the vines, but swiftly realises he isn’t cut out for a life tending grapes. Indeed, it strengthens his resolve to open his own shop and so, after a little more time with Oddbins and lots of research, this vision becomes a reality on Thursday 6th December 2001.

So what’s the vision?

To give you a drinks-buying experience with a difference by offering great advice and a superb choice of wines, beer and spirits all served up with our ‘infectious enthusiasm’ (International Wine & Spirit Competition Report 2012).

How do we make sure this happens? Well, nothing is in the shop unless it has been tasted and approved. This tough scrutiny means we reject around 97% of the wine, beer and spirits we try and so everything on our shelves has earned its place there. Supporting small producers also means we can genuinely offer products you won’t find elsewhere (watch out for our exclusives). And, the fact that we’ve tried everything means we’re also able to advise with confidence.

…and what about the enthusiastic part? Well, come to one of our free Saturday tastings and see for yourself.