Biodynamics: although it might sound like a new body-toning regime, it’s actually an approach to farming that’s been around since the 1920s. Broadly speaking it’s an organic method of farming which sees the growing process in terms of a whole host of interconnected elements: soil, plants, animals and the lunar cycle.

How does this relate to wine drinking? Well, the biodynamic calendar, based on the phases of the moon, provides a guide as to when wine should taste best. The argument goes that the moon’s cycle influences more than just the planet’s tides; it influences all living things – and so if we think of wine as a ‘living’ product, its qualities will change in harmony with the different phases of the moon.

Based on this philosophy, the best days to drink wine are ‘fruit’ and ‘flower’ days as these will be the optimum times for the expression of flavours and aromas. Less favourable days are ‘leaf’‘root’ and ‘avoid’ days although this isn’t to say that you shouldn’t drink wine on these days; it’s just about maximising your drinking pleasure. Just consider saving that special bottle of vintage Bordeaux until the calendar is in either ‘fruit’ or ‘flower’ and if you’re aware a wine producer follows biodynamic methods, we’d strongly advise you to avoid their wines on non-fruit or flower days.

Check out when wine tastes best this week.

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Biodynamics icon - fruit
Fruit Day
Biodynamics icon - flower
Flower Day
Biodynamics icon - leaf
Leaf Day
Biodynamics icon - root
Root Day

December 2023










2 Sat


3 Sun

Leaf -4h

Fruit from 5h

4 Mon


5 Tue


6 Wed

Fruit -3h

Root from 4h

7 Thur

Root to 14h

Fruit from 15h

8 Fri

Fruit to 7h


Root 19h